Heart like a canvas.

I try my best to be good, but sometimes I just have to do and say what I want.
Quality material

in a cardboard box
sit the poems you never sent me
a t-shirt, my smell long gone

you always taste of summer
hints of salt
unbearably warm

your sun glinting in my hair
your restlessness threatening

to shake me from my skin


in the middle of winter
i’d wake up, gasping
tangled in our slippery limbs
bedsheets soaked with sweat

outside your window
was the ever present silence
of water
gently lapping at its edges


i used to love
that my hair lay
under your pillow
claiming, tangling you whenever
your hands reached overhead

i imagine them now
caught up
in the wheels of your vacuum

slowly wearing down

leaving the acrid smell
of a relationship gone bad



Calm before the storm


#Sunset #summer #cornell #sky


were too manipulative
too selfish
too scared
too self-absorbed

and i

was too pliable
too sensitive
too stubborn
too self-deprecating

too self-destructive.

i let you prod and twist
to shape me
into the small allowance 
you made for me in your life

as i watched my soft curves
into straight, jagged edges

you faintly remember me
as the lost girl

on my tongue
on my eyes

on my mind

you sting
of sharp


Summer view overlooking Beebe Lake.


Beautiful day on the Arts Quad. #cornell

you raised us
with such an iron fist

it broke our fragile bones

like you wanted
our backs became long

but the marrow
leaking from the cracks
made us bitter


this is my only hypothesis

Please let this be true. It would make my life so much easier.

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