Heart like a canvas.

I try my best to be good, but sometimes I just have to do and say what I want.
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you don’t understand

since i was small
i sat quiet

you think
it unusual?

space finds me
as default

it’s why writing
becomes me

with a pen
my subconscious
unfolded on paper

in my girlish state
i whispered prayers
that you’d understand

and now as i approach womanhood
i unravel on my own.

I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore.
Kurt Vonnegut   (via sleepyreverie)

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know me

but that’s not what you wanted

you turned your head
and sank into the earth

with the moon rising
your shadow falls
amongst leaves and dirt

there is no breath of mine
that will leave the warm mist
of life
on your body

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So, I watched Pushing Daisies

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little woman
he analyzes your body
telling you about the curves
that hide in your hips

the tendons
buried in your arms

and you stare at him right back
daring him to be smaller

There is something romantic about water, trees, the wind blowing through them, the sun setting on them. You realize, in that fleeting moment, you’ve experienced something extraordinary, and it will never quite be the same.


Veep Season 3 Promotional Poster

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